Cantori GREEN

For the World Earth Day, Cantori wants to pay tribute to nature with a new collection inspired by its shapes and colours. Discover the new Cantori Green collection.

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Lifestyle Stop for a moment and rest

Today the World Day of Sleep is celebrated and as every year is the last friday before equinox. Sleep disorders affected 45% of world population. How we can sleep better?

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Lifestyle Long beds for tall people

We know that sleeping well it's important and the bed's choice conditions the rest. Cantori offers the possibility to creat custom beds even for people tall more than 1,90 metres.

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Lifestyle The colours of the sofa upholstery may tell you a lot about your personality

According to some people, there is a strong relationship between the choice of a preferred color and personality. Choose the color of the Vietri sofa that fascinates you and discover if it's true.

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Lifestyle Red velvet for a magical Valentine's day

San Valentine's day is privacy and relax. The Vietri sofa within its red color embellished by velvet fabric it is the ideal for romantic evenings.

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