Our origin

In 1976, as a true entrepreneur, Sante Cantori began to use the richly varied network of craftsmanship skills in the area of Camerano.

In just a few years, an industrial level company developed, capturing large market shares in Italy and in the whole world.

The beautiful shapes and the extraordinary variety of proposals may seduce at first glance. However, it is only by touching the soft finishes and the fine handcrafted decorations, seeing first-hand the quality of the materials and the solidness of the frames that you will truly understand the absolute inimitability of Cantori’s world.
Every single creation signed by Cantori is a co-ordination of images and contents, the total integration between shape and substance.

Sante Cantori, the artistic mentor of the company, has led the company to gain its leading role reinterpreting the trends of contemporary lifestyle. This is thanks to his great intuitions and the support of the other creative designers.

We are aimed, through our own personality and originality, at turning every space, all over the world, into a multisensory experience”.

Cantori represents and develops contemporary style, marked by delicate sensations, minimalist and sophisticated emotions, and by intimate shades of colour.

Cantori further broadened its creative and productive activity in the world of large residential and commercial projects. An example is the famous luxury yacht Chopi Chopi, FM Architettura, Cantiere delle Marche, Ferretti Group brands as Ferretti Yacht, Riva, Crn e Custom Line. Amo restaurant Venice, Aroma restaurant Rome, Caravita, 100 Torri, Regina Teodolinda, Hilton Shangri-la Hotel at the Shard London; Penthouse Moscow, Endurance Lifestyle and Endurance al Royal Windsor Horse Show are other outstanding projects designed by Cantori, where items of the Cantori’s collections complement the bespoke furniture.

Cantori is a synonym of quality, craftsmanship, utmost care for details... all the requirements needed to guarantee a genuine, made in Italy product.


Sante CantorI

Sante Cantori was born in one of the most exclusive cultural and entrepreneurial centres in Italy. Sante grew and studied in Marche region during the economic boom, with a great dream: creating his own original story.

Once he had gained some experience in the business world, he eventually reached his goal, establishing his own company in 1976, first with Falm and then Cantori, together with his brother Fabio and his sister Fiorella. Cantori’s adventure in the furniture world had begun.

My job forces me to pay due attention to both home decor trends and the wellbeing of the dwellers.

The collaboration with several designers encourages me to imagine a house of discreet luxury, intimate, in which family furniture, books, rare objects, memories and the future still to come naturally find a place: a perfect blend of customisation, comfort and home innovation.

My most important goal is to create furnishing items that are elegant and joyful, functional and coordinated. Although many centuries separate us from the craft shops of the past, an object designed and manufactured with care still expresses the intelligence of the person who created and crafted it: the added value of Cantori’s products lies in the perfect quality of workmanship, a result obtained together with all the people who work with me.


Links with our land

The handicraft work in our beautiful region is considered a fundamental social value in order to improve and evolve, thanks to the knowledge of artisanal processes.

For centuries craftsmanship has represented a pride for our territory, and nowadays it represents, as a generous legacy, the excellence of which we are proud.

The craftsmen village, created with great perseverance by Cantori, represents the very soul of the company. Through skilled handwork, combined with an on-going quality selection of new and old materials, it expresses all the best of Made in Italy.

In the craftsmen village blacksmiths, carpenters, decorators, tailors and upholsterers all work together, led by our top-level consultants.


Unique values

In every project Cantori respects the highest quality standards and carries out continuous technological research: these are the values of its refined taste.

Cantori’s world is outstanding for its creations, designed to become unique, prestigious pieces of furniture. 
Our corporate philosophy is based on quality and privacy.

We are proud of working side by side with every designer to develop their projects.
We do our best to support them with our top quality and eminent expertise, matured in over 40 years of activity.
Starting from the best ideas, to create pieces of furniture that are unique.

Every project represents an important work we carry out in collaboration with the designer.

We invest in our skilled professional artisans to fulfil the entire productive process. In this way, every single piece of furniture becomes a little, precious work of art.

We are truly motivated by a long lasting and honest involvement of all people, which enhances a mutual development through community life: this reflects into full satisfaction and fulfilment of customers’ needs, into quality of products and services, into policies for reducing all wastes, protecting the environment and investing on safety.


Protect the world around us

We are truly motivated by a long lasting and honest involvement of all people, which enhances a mutual development through community life: this reflects into full satisfaction and fulfilment of customers’ needs, into quality of products and services, into policies for reducing all wastes, protecting the environment and investing on safety.

Our commitment to the market is trying our best to make suggestions and find solutions for the different furniture demands, designing and redesigning spaces suitable to live at best with yourselves and others, in a unique, comfortable, reassuring and long-lasting way. Everything is well harmonized through a group-system, which promotes the active involvement of partners and retailers, in order to obtain the common well-being.

For this reason Cantori started an original project arising from an intuition and desire to regain possession of universal values, linked to the environment and personal well-being.

Creativity combines with a few, unconventional elements that are part of the overall form of the products, made using an environmentally-friendly production process in harmony with a balanced and natural lifestyle.

The coatings used for the finishings have a seductive feel and respect the environment and protect health and various sensitive conditions.

The finishing features in brass are the decorative element lying at the heart of our history.

We have made our dreams come to life, through contemporary collections, allowing our imagination free rein over a few elements, with a special feel for the environment. From nature in its widest possible sense, meaning light, colour, leaf, flower, sea, tree, life and love. Creativity and beauty.


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