Making the bed every morning: a virtue

Although making the bed is a very simple action, it can have a great impact on our entire day. Those who like tidying up their Cantori bedroom before leaving the house in the morning will surely begin their working day with a more peaceful mind.

Our bed and our whole house reflect a part of our being, showing how creative, meticulous, organized or disorganized we are. Making the bed could help you start your day in a positive way: it takes just a little time to have the first task of the day completed, and afterwards you’ll have plenty of time for your activities, and a much more light hearted mood.

Make it a habit! Performing such a simple task in a few minutes but in a perfect way will give you an immediate reward, which is, in this case, primarily aesthetic. When you go back home and then back to sleep, you will find fresh linens and a brand new bed ready for you.

Starting the day by carrying out a simple task will make you feel more peaceful and will help you improve efficiency in the following hours. Deciding to make the bed every day is nevertheless a good way to overcome laziness.

Good habits help us to make the best choices throughout the day. A good habit, such as for example making the bed in the morning every day, implies that you devote a few more minutes to your house and to your well being before going out.

Making the bed in the morning probably takes less time than at any other time of the day. If you have very little time, but you want to leave your room in order and you’ve taken the habit of making the bed in the morning, you’ll have things done in just no time. When you’re tired, once back home from work, you probably won’t have the same efficiency!

We do not think about it very often, but the truth is that we spend at least 30% of our life in bed, during night sleep and for some naps now and then. Our bed is definitely really important to us. When it’s time to go to sleep, finding a nice cosy bed, like those Cantori manufactures, perfectly made, will make us feel immediately cuddled; making the bed with care will make our room even more welcoming.

Credits: Marta Albè

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