A journey into the Marche's beauty for the 40th anniversary of Cantori

From a small craftsman laboratory to an industrial reality that exports the made in Italy worldwide, from Asia to the Middle East, from Europe to the United States. Marche an emblematic story of entrepreneurship: solid family roots, the beauty and the good life of the province, close-knit managerial staff, workers capable and involved. This is Cantori Spa, the Marche's leading company in the furniture industry which today has celebrated an important milestone: 40 years of activity.

To mark a "stop & go" in its history, Sante and Marco Cantori, father and son, have chosen to give life to an event that was not self-indulgent, but it was an opportunity to reflect on the key of the business success: the Marche's beauty. And just to a "Journey into the beauty" was dedicated the initiative which went on stage today at the company's plant in Camerano. To take this route, special guests who have told, each from their own specific viewpoint, today's brands and those of the future: regional president, Luca Ceriscioli, the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, the president of the Faculty of Economics, University Politecnica delle Marche Francesco Maria Chelli.

"Our - said the president of the company, Sante Cantori - it's a long story, made up of dynamic and complex years. The inspiration for our work comes from the landscape around us, the environment in which we live, from the craftsman experience that characterizes the area between Camerano, Castelfidardo and Osimo.

The ability to continue, after so many years, to export around the world comes from the tendency to see more positive and to play, even today, this work with passion " . Good signals from the export market. "We are expanding in the Chinese market - added Sante Cantori - we hold in Russia despite of the embargo, we record good signals in the US, both thanks to the strengthening of the dollar, both thanks to the evolution of taste in furniture in North America" . Agrees his son Marco, Cantori's general manager. "Our strength - he explained - is due to the territorial identity, family history and craftsmanship work.

For the future, therefore, we will only enhance the skills acquired in the last 40 years and continue to focus on innovation, research and internationalization. Our future rests in large part on our history. "

A written history due to the link with the territory and the beauty spotlighted today. "The Marche history - said Sgarbi in his speech - is a rich beauty, articulated, plural, as the name suggests to the region. Of all the places where I have been active, the Marche is one in which I recorded more vitality, from all points of view: from the economy to culture.

"Still continue my tour in the Marche enterprises - said the governor Ceriscioli - From my mandate are now 40 companies that I got to know and appreciate each for its own uniqueness. Research, innovation and internationalization are the key words in which also recognizes Cantori company that today is celebrating the milestone of 40 years of business. a company that has been able to change and renew itself while staying vital and strong. Marche as a government region we will continue to do our part to allow companies to be competitive. We earmarked in the regional budget of € 7 million to the Industry, 5 million more was allocated to the abolition of IRAP for new businesses that will be born in our country, and from January to September will be issued over 200 million European calls ".

And when it comes to research, we talk about University. "The 40 years of Cantori - said Chelli - are a good opportunity to reflect on the real potential of the business fabric of the region and its position in the world, thanks to that intangible factor that normally call the 'Italian style'. It is significant and important of Univpm presence alongside the singers, because the University plays a key role in the formation of human capital that can significantly promote the development of enterprises, especially in the international arena".

The research is one of the keys to success of Cantori. Not surprisingly the plant in Camerano hosts the Laboratory of Architecture, an autonomous structure for high-profile custom-design projects - contract, yacht furnishings - equipped with a department that researches and develops materials and solutions for the most demanding customers around the world. A few meters away, the Artisans Village facilities.

View the video here.

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