Setup your bedroom for summer's arrival

Summer sets us free from stress, and the bedroom is often the place where you can relax after a busy day at work. It is therefore necessary to decorate it in the right way, especially in summertime, when you should arrange it in a different way, changing colours and accessories.

Decluttering: get rid of all unnecessary things in your bedroom giving it air. This is an important tip all year round, but in the summer it becomes crucial.

If possible, a good idea is to leave the door of the room and all the windows in the house open at night, to let the air circulate a bit.

Remove all the carpets in the bedroom. Fitted carpet is absolutely banned: it is known to be a reservoir for dust, dust mites and pollen allergens. Same for rugs or simple bed mats, which do not make the room fresher by any means.

Of course a frequent floor cleaning is recommended, so that you can walk barefoot on hot summer evenings.

Crucial is also the choice of fabrics: light nuances cotton linen, curtains and mosquito nets (in DIY shops you can find mobile mosquito screens, easy to remove and available in numerous sizes). A small price to pay for a peaceful sleep!

Credits: House Mag

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