How to decorate your home following the Chinese Zodiac: Goat

Personality: people born in a year of the Goat (or Sheep) are people with an innate elegance. Very creative and extremely talented at arts in general, they are also very generous towards others, without expecting anything in return.

If they fail to achieve their goals they can easily feel discouraged and sad: this might be a disadvantageous trait in their personality, also because it’s difficult for them to move over.

Home décor personality: Elegance, lightness and freshness, soft and simple lines.

The GOAT is your Chinese zodiac sign if you are born in the following years:

from 13th February 1907 to 1st February 1908
from 1st February 1919 to 19th February 1920
from 17th February 1931 to 5th February 1932
from 5th February 1943 to 24th January 1944
from 24th January 1955 to 11th February 1956
from 9th February 1967 to 29th January 1968
from 28th January 1979 to 15th February 1980
from 15th February 1991 to 3rd February 1992
from 1st February 2003 to 21st January 2004
from 19th February 2015 to 7th February 2016

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