- Lifestyle How to decorate the house according to the star sign.

It seems that based on your zodiac sign you can detect features and styles of furniture more suited to your character.
Whether you are a fan of horoscopes or consider them as just a game, why not let yourself be guided by the stars?

Here's how to decorate the house based on the star sign:


Lively and vital,people born under this signlike pieces of furniture where they can store all the chaos in the house. They loveextravagant accessories, armchairs and large chandeliers.


Reliable and patient, people born under this signpreferthe most peaceful rooms in the house, decorated with many art objects and sophisticated ornaments. Cushions and chaise longue where they can sip herbal tea or read a book would be perfect for them.


Minimalist and modern, people born under this signlike bigbookcases and placesthey can devote to all creative activities they carry on. Delicate colours and soft light are ideal.


Sophisticated and sympathetic, people born under this sign love paintings and objects that represent their family and travel memories. They also love houseplants and natural light. Soft-coloured furnishings are ideal.


Cheerful and warm-hearted, their house must be full of comforts and easy to renovate. Avery large table to have dinner with friends every night would be perfect.


Very sophisticated, people born under this signlike natural light, love being at home and enjoy their tidy “nest”. Carefully organized containers, pastel-coloured cushions and exquisite fabrics are recommended.


Coherent and practical, people born under this sign don't like decorative objects:they know they will have to clean them! They love lamps and classical finished furniture instead, no hazardous colours or eccentricity.


Simple and modern, people born under this sign like shelves, where to place their most significant objects, as well as essential spaces and wall prints.


Meticulous and essential, people born under this signlove exotic objects, wood and natural materials.


Disciplined and dynamic, people born under this signlike practical and functional design, as well vintage furniture and natural fabrics in vivid colours.


Original and independent, people born under this signlike to surround themselves with extravagant objects, contemporary paintings and bookcases.


Artistic and intuitive, they choose modern design. People born under this sign like mirrors that reflect natural light, as they hate dark rooms. They also surround themselves with objects found in flea markets, carefully matched with the latest design accessories.

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