100 chairs for 100 friends

In support of the non-profit organization “Più di un Sogno ONLUS” and its Life Project, Cantori, in cooperation with VALEMOUR, is manufacturing one hundred “Miss” chairs - the best selling chair of Cantori collections - upholstered using one hundred different pieces of hand-printed fabric.

Cantori was established in a territory, the Marches, known for its rich craftsmanship tradition. A deep organizational and commercial development eventually turned the firm into an industrial reality, with an increasing growth in the national and European market. However, the company maintains its artisanal origins, manufacturing its products in its own workshops, keeping close interpersonal relations and mutual cooperation, and is free from the rigid hierarchies of the industrial model.

Cantori’s most important commitment is achieving the highest quality, comfort and aesthetics in each of its pieces of furniture, furnishing accessories or objects. Created, produced and guaranteed by Cantori, they are designed for every room in the house: from the bedroom to the kids’ room, from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the living room to the garden...

Run by Sante Cantori, its founder, along with his brothers Fabio and his sister Fiorella, now supported by their children, the company maintains a trend that is still deeply linked to the territory, to its roots, paying the utmost attention to all human and environmental aspects of the work. This is also reflected on the various European quality certifications that the company has requested and obtained.

With this background of corporate social responsibility it was then absolutely spontaneous for Cantori family to start a cooperation with the Foundation “Più di un Sogno ONLUS”. This non-profit organization has given birth to VALEMOUR, a social-responsible brand whose mission is to promote the inclusion of people with Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities and their integration in the workplace.

This first collaboration has led, thanks to the help and support of the craftsman Fulvio Luparia, to the creation of a special hand-made fabric for the upholstery of 100 Miss chairs designed by Cantori.

A special type of screen-printing technique has been used, employing various frames and a roller to push the ink through the holes in the mesh. The variable passages and pressure over the mesh create combinations of lines and colours that make each “canvas” special and unique.

Some frame patterns used for the upholstery of Miss chairs are inspired by Sheila Hicks’ art motifs. Others arise from the woven pattern called “Vienna straw” or from the more classical textures of textiles. Two shades of colour have been used: sand and walnut or grey and lead-grey.

One hundred artworks on fabric, skilfully manufactured by the young trainees employed at the Turin premises of VALEMOUR: one hundred unique chairs for one hundred Cantori’s friends.

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