Living room: how to position your furnitur in any floor plan

Living room: how to position your furnitur in any floor plan - Cantori

How to furnish a living room can be a real puzzle, since every kind of floor plan either square, rectangular, or L-shaped has both pros and cons which must be taken into consideration.

First of all it is necessary to set some priorities: for example, to decide how much space to dedicate to the eating area and how much to the conversation area, keeping in mind that, in order for these to be functional, it is necessary to choose the furniture carefully, so to avoid empty spaces and to create an harmonious environment.

Here you will find six projects to draw inspiration from for furnishing your own living room, in both a practical and stylish manner.

  1. Square living room
  2. Rectangular living room
  3. L-shaped living room

1. Square living room

A square floor plan can be difficult to deal with, especially when you want to create different functional areas like a dining area and a lounge. Since the walls have all the same length, the room has more space in its centre and, conversely, it has walls with windows that might constrain the available space in front of them.

First Proposal

If the space allows, you could realize independent areas within this living space. For example, if you love reading, you could place an antique desk, a vintage floor lamp, and a more modern-looking armchair, like the Gabrielle, small but with an extremely comfortable seat in a corner of the room.

In the centre of the room you could place some coffee tables, like the Shanghai low tables, perfect both alone or as a trio, designed to give a refined tone to the environment.

The sofa, ideally an angular one, should be cosy, with simple and soft lines, like the Tango Easy, excellent for your everyday moments of relaxation. Behind it, you could place a cabinet (or two, if space allows) so to have a handy storage space while still preserving a streamlined style, and filling the often difficult space along the wall

Bookshelves or wall cabinets, to store everyday objects, should always be part of a living room. However, if the space is limited, it is possible to choose shelves or a wall-mounted shelving unit, which will furnish the living space with taste and personality.

As a general rule, a square living room is more suited to round tables but, if there is enough space, a rectangular dining table could also suit the room. The Mirage table, for example, if positioned along a wall, is ideal to both welcome guests for a dinner party and for more intimate family meals, perhaps accompanied by the Shanghai sideboard, with four doors and glass shelves, ideal to store tableware.

Second Proposal

The second proposal would combine the round Mirage table and the Shiba chairs, positioned in a corner of the room — better if next to a window, to get more sunlight. Nearby, you could place the Mirage sideboard which, with its playful balance of empty and full spaces is a perfect element for a modern living space.

In the conversation area, in addition to the Tango Easy angular sofa, you could place an armchair, in order to give some dynamism to the space, or even two poufs, in order to offer even more seating solutions, especially if you like to have friends over for a movie night.

How to furnish the area behind the sofa? That’s always a dilemma, but there are two viable options: you could choose a bookshelf, like the Macao, which doesn’t excessively clutter the space around it, or a wall-mounted boiserie, creating a play of shapes and colours.

2. Rectangular living room

A rectangular floor plan is easier to deal with, because it makes the separation of functional areas easier, thus creating the feeling of a spacious and deep space. The main element to consider in this case would be the presence (or absence) of a large glass wall, which would not be suitable as a support for furniture but, instead, would allow sunlight to beam in, and offer a nice view of the outside.

First Proposal

A rectangular living room, if long enough, could be converted into an openspace, creating two distinct areas.

In order to put the longer side of the room to the best use, you could position the Atenae sofa there, perhaps adding one of our coffee tables from the same line, available in several variants and finishes.

In the space nearest to the kitchen you could place a dining table, ideally a rectangular one, parallel to the shortest side of the room, like the Rodin table, accompanied by the Adria chairs, perfect to clearly mark the dining area with a pleasant style.

Another idea could be to pair the table with a sideboard or a cabinet, in order to have all the necessary tableware at hand.

Second Proposal

If, instead, you want to create more intimate spaces within this rectangular room, you could create a non-structural partition, by means of, for example, the self-sustaining bookshelf Hong Kong. The fissures on its rear side produce plays of light and shadow which highlight its structure and its succession of full and empty spaces, thus carving the space without filling it. Every module of the bookshelf can be customized with wooden panels, either used as shelves or as decorative elements, or with cubical containers, freely placed, making of the Hong Kong bookshelf a true element of design in and of itself.

On the one side of this partition you could place a simple, streamlined rectangular table, like the Milos table, accompanied by the Aurora chairs, while on the opposite side a smaller sofa it would be appropriate, like the Shanghai model together with the irregularly-shaped coffee tables of the same line, in order to avoid cluttering the style of the room as a whole.

3. L-shaped living room

An L-shaped floor plan, unlike the previous cases, offers the possibility to visually isolate the different functional areas of the living room.

First Proposal

In this first proposal the conversation area is placed on the left of the entrance, in the wider part of the living space; its rectangular shape invites the placement of a sofa, for example the Iseo model, with a dark green Bellagio velvet cover, of two armchairs on one side, like the Aurora bacchettata, of a wall cabinet and, in the middle, of some coffee tables, to complete the sofa corner. Keeping this green mood, you could opt for some City side-tables, with a green moon wooden tabletop, and an Albero bookshelf, which would also work perfectly if placed in the middle of an open space, working as a partition.

The narrower part of the living space could then be ideal for a round Mondrian table, while behind it you could place a sideboard like the Mirto, spacious and elegant, and handy to store tableware in.

Second Proposal

If, instead, the living space has an irregular planimetry, and presents a short corridor as an entrance, a console or a sideboard can be placed to fill the empty space. In this project we have chosen the City sideboard, both elegant and functional thanks to its polished edges glass shelves, and the doors with integrated bottle- or glass-holders with steel rod protections.

In the wider part of the room you could place both a dining table or a cosy but smaller sofa, like the Miami: thanks to its rounded lines this sofa doesn’t close the passage, neither physically nor visually. The Ninfea coffee tables give a touch of refinement to the relax area: the shape realized by the three elements their tabletops seeming to float as if on an ideal water surface allow each of the individual tables stand out in the environment they are placed in.

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