The sofa: the protagonist of the living room

The sofa: the protagonist of the living room - Cantori

The sofa is doubtlessly the most prominent element of the living room. Whether a traditional or a large-seat sofa, a two- or a three-seater, positioning it correctly, and finding a harmonious placement in the context of the room’s furniture, means enriching the look of the house as a whole, improving comfort and functionality.

If your living room is large enough, the sofa can be placed in the middle, thus becoming its focal point —especially if it is characterized by a unique style, like the Atenae sofa. Indeed, its capitonné padding gives it the appearance of a royal and refined piece of furniture, while still retaining a very modern look. In order to further enrich the environment, it can be paired with some cushions, or a metal sideboard, or some coffee tables, which match the same material of the sofa’s legs.

In the case of an open space, where the living room and dining room share the same space, it is important that all the furniture shares the same style, in order to create collective harmony.

In this case, the sofa can plays the role of a real partition in order to separate the living room space from the noisier areas, such as the kitchen and dining area.

If you are keen to give a dynamic feel to your living room environment you should pair two different sofas. On the other hand, if you want to go for a simpler style you can choose an angular or L-shaped composition, such as the Montecarlo sofa. Designed to fit both modern and classical styles, this signature Cantori product is characterized by its laser-cut bronzed plate, which gives the feeling of a warm embrace around the sofa.

The size and, more generally, the characteristics of your living room are the most fundamental aspects to consider when choosing a sofa, but your lifestyle and the use you will make of the sofa are no less important. Will it be a cosy seat on which to watch your favourite TV series? Or the place where you’ll sip a hot cup of tea? Or a convivial space for your guests, as you share a bottle of wine?

Whatever your daily routine, it is important to keep in mind some useful information.

  1. Sofa and TV
  2. Sofa and relax
  3. Sofa and friends

1. Sofa and TV

For many, the placement of the sofa corresponds to the area where the TV is located. But it is not always simple to find the right harmony between the pieces of furniture and the practical functionality of the living room as a whole.

Almost all compositions can work for this specific arrangement: indeed, the living area can be composed by:

  • a sofa and two armchairs;
  • two sofas, arranged in a corner shape;
  • a single angular-sofa, or a sofa with a peninsula;

There are two aspects that require the most attention: the comfort of the seats and, most importantly, the position of the sofa with respect to the TV. Whether the TV is wall-mounted or placed within a television cabinet, the sofa and the armchairs should be positioned in front of the screen, so as to have a direct and comfortable line of sight.

But how to calculate the minimum and maximum distance between sofa and television? It is a simple calculation: take the size of your television and multiply it by 4.2 and 4.8. For example: for a 50-inch television the minimum distance will be 50x4.2=2.1 meters, while the maximum will be 50x4.8=2.4 meters.


For those who love relaxing, the right sofa is an angular one, or one with a chaise longue, for they enable you to stretch your legs and achieve maximum comfort.

The Tango easy is certainly a relaxation-friendly sofa, with streamlined and simple lines. It can be accompanied by several elements: from the Narciso side table, which becomes part of the arrangement by playing the role of a handy nearby surface, to cosy and soft cushions, or the indispensable blanket, folded along the backrest or simply draped across, to create a “lived-in” and welcoming effect.

To both complete the environment and to emphasize the feeling of tranquillity and well-being, a plant and a reading lamp should always be present, placed on a low coffee table, next to the armrest.

3. Sofa and friends

If, on the other hand, you often have guests over, the best way to experience your living room is certainly to place two sofas facing each other, like the Shanghai base model, or the variant with a chaise longue. Or again, to place two sofas together to create a cosy corner. Do not underestimate the role of additional armchairs and poufs: the latter especially can be either welcoming seats or soft supports for your legs.

The Iseo sofa, with its rounded and timeless lines, can tastefully furnish the living room, making it especially welcoming. Paired with the Camilla rocking armchairs, it enriches the whole room, especially if you often have guests.

For a classic-style environment, padded sofas are the perfect choice, like the Portofino, a streamlined but very versatile sofa, attractive from any angle. Designed for those who like a striking piece of furniture, this sofa emanates comfort, producing a relaxing feeling that will spread among your guest.

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