Cleaning natural wood furniture

Natural wood surfaces need particular care and attention or they might lose their original brightness.
When we clean them, it is advised to use a simple cloth to remove dust. It is also suggested to periodically do somedeep cleaning: be always gentle and usenatural products, without chemicals (often harmful), and you will get and the best results with little time and little cost.


  • Neutral or Marseille soap
  • Spray bottle
  • Micro fibre cloth

Take a bar of soap and grate it until you obtain small and thin flakes. Then take a spray bottle (1 litre) and pour two handfuls of freshly grated soap, adding slightly warm water until full. Shake the mixture vigorously and let it stand for at least one hour.
Then apply it on the wooden surface, letting it work for about ten minutes. Finally rub with the micro fibre cloth.

credits: Giulia Ciaramitaro

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