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Stop for a moment and rest - Cantori

We spend almost a third of our life in a bed. Nevertheless more of 45% of the world population suffer from sleep disorders.

So also this year has been choosen the last Friday before equinox, the15th of March, to celebrate the World Sleep Day, #worldsleepday.

In Italy there are 12 millions people who can’t sleep well. A problem that is also found in the little ones and it seems to get worse in spring. Too much technology, stress, worries, pollution and bad eating habits don’t help to sleep well.

What can we do to improve the quality of our own sleep?

1. Problems caused by stress and anxiet

  • relaxing atmosphere
  • good book reading

All of this can be possible enjoying our home’s space that sometimes we don’t use as we should do; as an example create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom or preparing an home-made ambient's scent.

Get yourself:

  • a glass diffuser bottle
  • essential oils
  • sticks for diffusers or skewers
  • vodka q.s.
  • water q.s.


Fill the diffuser bottle with water, add a few spoons of vodka and essential oils (12 drops of essential oil for ¼ cup of water) and mix. Then insert the sticks. Remember to turn the sticks every week.

Lie down in your bed and feel the magic created by this sweet fragrance.

Another solution may be to read a good book before going to bed, or at a time of day when you feel the need to stop, because you identify yourself with a character in the book, read and reread long carefully and detailed descriptions can combine sleep. And once fell asleep the book may have stimulated the dream activity, so as to be able to give free rein to dreams.

Sit down in a confortable armchair and get the pleassure of reading your favourite book’s pages.

2. Problems caused by SNORING

If the difficulty of sleeping and resting well depends on snoring due to bad habits, it’s possible to use some symple solutions to fix the damaging habits.

  • sleep on a side
  • maintain an ideal body weight
  • avoid alchol consumption
  • get free to the duct blocked
  • change the bed blankets
  • drink almost a liter and a half of water
  • make a mix of essentials oils

In fact, snoring can depend on excessive body weight, improper nutrition, the intake of certain drugs, alcohol consumption, poor sleep quality, incorrect posture during sleep and other conditions.

The position with which you sleep is very important and sleeping on your side can help you to stop snoring, as the habit of sleeping on your back involves an arrangement of the palate and throat walls that can cause the walls to vibrate and the resulting noise associated with the snoring problem.

Maintaining an ideal body weight can help solve the snoring problem, as it is believed that due to abdominal fat pressure some people tend to have this problem.

Avoid alcohol consumption, especially in the evening because it may cause the ralaxing of the back wall muscles of the throat thereby increasing the possibility of snoring.

The lack of sleep can produce effects similar to the effects that are induced by the alcohol consumption, consequently a good quality of sleep must be guaranteed, avoiding to spend long hours without getting enough sleep.

Very often, the problem of snoring depends on an obstruction of the nasal passages, in these cases, freeing the obstructed airways with nasal washes with saline solution, allows to solve the problem of snoring.

Allergens, which are the substances that cause allergies, can cause snoring problems, so changing sheets and pillowcases can prevent the accumulation of dust mites that can trigger allergic reactions.

Some studies show that the problem of snoring can depend on dehydration; you should drink at least a liter and a half of water to maintain proper hydration.

A natural suggestion to stop snoring…

Make a mix of essentials oils with:

  • 25 ml of eucalyptus essential oil
  • 25 ml of mountain pine essential oil
  • 25 ml of juniper essential oil
  • 25 ml of peppermint essential oil

(credits: In Erboristeria)

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