How to decorate your home following the Chinese Zodiac: Rat

The Chinese animal zodiac is a repeating cycle of 12 years, starting from the Chinese New Year, which moves between January and February, with each year being represented by an animal.

The Chinese Zodiac sign is derived from one’s birth year, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, which is different from the calendar in use in Western countries.

The first animal in the Chinese zodiaci s the Rat

Personality: People born in a year of the Rat are quick-witted, resourceful and versatile. Naturally charming, they can easily attract the opposite sex. They are able to stay calm in any situation, even in the most difficult ones: this is a very helpful skill for their working life. Great workers, they also like treating themselves to sophisticated pleasures and share them with people they love. The most disadvantageous trait of their personality: Rats tend not to leave enough space to the people around them.

Home décor personality: refined and contemporary taste, with luxurious elements of different materials and sophisticated finishes.

The people under the sign of the Rat were born in:

3 jan 1900 - 18 feb 1901
18 feb 1912 - 5 feb 1913
5 feb 1924 - 24 jan 1925
24 jan 1936 - 10 feb 1937
10 feb 1948 - 28 jan 1949
28 jan 1960 - 14 feb 1961
15 feb 1972 - 2 feb 1973
2 feb 1984 - 19 feb 1985
19 feb 1996 - 6 feb 1997
7 feb 2008 - 25 jan 2009

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