How to decorate your home following the Chinese Zodiac: Ox

Personality: People born in a year of the Ox (also called Bull or Buffalo) have great patience, ideas and ambitions for life and strive to achieve their goals.

They are methodical and very precise and hate being disturbed when they are focused on a work. Not very loquacious, they inspire great confidence in the people around them. The most disadvantageous trait of Oxes: their poor communication skills, and once they lose their patience they are likely to fly off the handle.

Home décor personality: they adore symmetries and comfort. The living room is very important to them, because they love to make their few trusted friends feel at home.

The OX is your Chinese zodiac sign if you are born in the following years:

19 Feb 1901 - 7 Feb 1902
6th Feb 1913 to 25 Jan 1914
25 Jan 1925 - 12 Feb 1926
11 Feb 1937 - 30 Jan 1938
29 Jan 1949 - 17 Feb 1950
15 Feb 1961 - 4 Feb 1962
3 Feb 1973 - 22 Jan 1974
20 Feb 1985 - 8 Feb 1986
7 Feb 1997 - 27 Jan 1998
26 Jan 2009 - 13 Feb 2010

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