Wintertime energy-saving tips

Some tips to stay warm in the cold season, with no waste of money or energy.

Make sure your radiators have a thermostatic valve, which gradually closes as the temperature of the surrounding area increases, limiting the amount of hot water entering the radiator when the desired temperature is reached. A timer allows you to programme the radiator to switch on and off at pre set times of the day; 30 minutes before you wake up, to give you a shivers-free day start, and before you return home from work: even if the minimum temperature is set, you’ll avoid a waste of energy all day long.

Allow air to exit from radiators by opening the special set of side valves. Remember that radiators are not closets or shelves. Using them to place objects or clothes limits the constant heat circulation in the room. Move away sofas from the radiators: sofa’s fabric blocks the heat and do not allow its correct circulation throughout the rest of the house.

Radiator reflectors, thin sheet or foil of aluminium applied to the wall behind them, reflect the heat away from the wall spreading it inside the room and preventing it from dispersing.

Moreover, you can keep your home warmer using draught excluders, placed on the lower edge of the windows or under the doors.

Sunlight also heats, so when there is some, open curtains and let it warm up the house. To prevent heat loss, close your curtains and lower your blinds immediately after dusk. Make sure that blinds and shutters are in good condition. Lowering them as soon as the temperature drops in the evening can also help keep the heat inside the house.

The ideal room temperature is between 18 ° C and 20 ° C. Humidifiers can be particularly effective to increase the perception of heat and prevent air from becoming too dry.

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