The house in wintertime. Design and lifestyle.

As winter approaches with its lower temperatures, we realize there is no other time of the here in which the house is the centre, the heart of our life: we like to spend more time at home and gather with friends and family. It’s especially in these moments that the space surrounding us should be welcoming, comfortable, practical, and most of all, warm.

To create a cosy and intimate atmosphere we should use warm colours, such as orange, red or pink.

We couldn’t do it without the fireplace, with its warmth, the brightness of the flames and the popping sound of the wood burning.

To warm us up and to furnish the space at the same time, blankets and plaids are a must in winter. We can use them as covers or place some of them on all our sofas and beds. In this way, we will add a warm touch to our furniture and we will have them at hand, in case of need.

For those who suffer with cold feet, unpleasant feeling that can cause serious discomfort, it will be necessary to place a carpet in every room: this solution will not only allow those who like it to walk barefoot, but it will make the space warmer and softer.

Paintings and prints are very important as well, because they can add colour and warmth to the plain walls. We can hang paintings decorated with golden colours or with gold and bronze leaf.

Chandeliers are fundamental accessories in the house. If we make a choice in tune with the rest of the furnishings, they can give a very warm and elegant touch to the space. An elegant chandelier with some golden or brass details, or completely made of golden metal, is perfect to lighten up the atmosphere, in a time of the year when the natural light is gloomier.

Cushions, of various sizes and shapes, will give your apartment a chic and fashionable touch. In the bedroom you can use contrasts, combining different fabrics and textures.

Rugs and carpets are also essential to furnish the house in this season. They give a great visual effect, and you can walk barefoot even on the coldest days.

Candles are the queens of the house: they’ll make every space warm and pleasant. They come in many different types and you can express your creativity by combining candles of different sizes and colours. Between meals and in relaxing moments you can also light scented candles choosing your favourite fragrance.

Place floor lamps in the corners of rooms to give, in wintertime, a nice warm atmosphere.

Beside sofas you can place some poufs, of various sizes and materials: this is an excellent idea for all those cold evenings spent at home with friends who no longer have to contend for a seat on the sofa.

There are also winter houseplants and flowers that you can use to create compositions: an elegant touch for every space. An idea: dried hydrangeas

[In the photo: Portofino sofa, George sideboard and display cabinet, Isidoro coffee table, Diamante applique]

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