Monkey horoscope

February 8th 2016, Chinese New Year. The year of the Red Fire Monkey.

People born under this sign are so full of energy that seem to never get tired. Creative, clever and dynamic, they show inexhaustible determination and hate sitting around twiddling their thumbs. The word “relax” is nonsense for them: to relax they must do some activities that keep them mentally or physically active.

With friends they are adorable confidants: they can also be incredibly charming, and their magnetic personality can attract and seduce many.

Personality traits, like curiosity and cleverness, make them very naughty and very friendly at the same time. They love having fun and taking challenges. Towards the others they are kind and open, although sometimes this might be a mask for their mischievous and calculating nature.

Monkeys do not like half-measures: this is the reason why, during their lives, they might experience great pleasures and great frustrations as well.

You are under the sign of the Monkey if you are born:

  • from 6th February 1932 to 25th January 1933
  • from 25th January 1944 to 12th February 1945
  • from 12th February 1956 to 30th January 1957
  • from 30th January 1968 to 16th February 1969
  • from 16th February 1980 to 4th February 1981
  • from 4th February 1992 to 22nd January 1993
  • from 22nd January 2004 to 8th February 2005
  • from 8th February 2016 to 27th January 2017

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