Sleep well without snoring

Many people snore during the night, unknowingly, and sometimes it is not easy to stop it, especially if this sleep disorder is caused by a oropharynx obstruction that needs to be treated by a doctor.

Fortunately, the problem often depends on bad sleeping habits, which can be corrected with simple remedies. If you snore intermittently, the causes could be various: excessive body weight, improper diet, drugs or alcohol consumption, poor sleep quality, poor posture during the sleep and other factors.

Your sleeping position is extremely important and sleeping on your side can help you stop snoring: when sleeping on your back the base of your tongue falls backward toward your throat and the walls of your throat vibrate, leading to the familiar sounds of a snore.

Maintaining an ideal body weight can help you solve this problem, as overeating or lack of exercise may lead to an increase in fat around the throat, which does not allow normal breathing, and the narrow airway is more likely to vibrate.

Avoid the consumption of alcohol, especially during the evening: it will cause excessive muscle relaxation, increasing, therefore, the probability of snoring.

Poor sleeping habits can have an effect similar to that of drinking alcohol. Therefore you must make sure you practice good sleep hygiene and you get enough sleep.

Very often, snoring starts in your nose: if nasal passages are clogged or narrowed due to a cold or other blockage, the fast-moving air is more likely to produce snoring. Keeping them open, rinsing out the nasal passages with a salt-water solution, may help to solve the problem.

Allergens in your bedroom and in your pillow may as well contribute to snoring: changing sheets and pillowcases prevents dust mites to accumulate, causing allergic reactions that can lead to snoring.

Some studies show that snoring may be also caused by dehydration: you should drink plenty of fluids, at least one litre and a half of water.

A natural tip to avoid snoring...

Mix together:

  • 25 ml of eucalyptus essential oil,
  • 25 ml of pine essential oil,
  • 25 ml of juniper essential oil,
  • 25 ml of peppermint essential oil.

Pour a few drops of the mixture on a damp cloth and leave it on a radiator in the bedroom. Alternatively, you can pour it in the diffuser before bedtime.

credits: In Erboristeria

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